Area of specification


Manual Passenger Elevators

UTS Lifts provides you Manual Passenger Elevators for all sectors. We provide Passenger Elevators for commercial and residential buildings.
Passenger Elevator Installation Manual

The permissible deviation is:
0~+25mm when height ≤30m
0~+35mm when height ≤60m
0~+50mm when height ≤90m

No. Name & spec. No. Name & spec. No. Name & spec.
1. Socket spanner 19 Portable work light 37 Puller
2. Monkey spanners: 10", 20" 20 Hacksaw frame 38 A pair of intercoms
3. Pliers 21 Cross screwdrivers: 3”, 4" 39 Angular finishing grinder
4. Wire stripper 22 Files: plate, circular, triangular 40 Electric hammer

Auto door Passenger Elevators

UTS Lifts provide auto door elevators for all commercial buildings, residential buildings, hotels and all sectors. You can choose your own shaft size with speed and amenities of your choice. Auto door passengers doors have capacity of 7 to 20 passengers. We offered numerous best offers to our customers. Our experts install fully automatic doors to provide excellent range to buyer at friendly price.

Our offered auto door passenger elevators are of effortless and high speed passenger elevators.

Auto Door Passenger Elevators are suited for all type of residential and commercial buildings depending on shaft size with speed/amenities up to choice of owners.

Our auto door elevator is preferred for:
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Uninterrupted Movement
  • Noise Free Operation
  • Digital Controls

Hospital Elevators

We UTS Lifts are well known industry in field of elevators and escalator services. We scale a new heights of success in field of elevator and escalator services.

We UTS Lifts offer hospital elevators and hospital lifts. We have distinctive collection of Hospital Elevators. We provide reliable, exception finish and durable hospital elevators.

We have different grades and specification of hospital elevators. We use high quality and best grade raw materials to install elevators.

Hospital Elevators have capacity of 15 to 30 passengers. We UTS Lifts are provide most comfortable and practical hospital stretcher elevators. Our provided elevators fit for all type of nursing home, hospitals and care centers. You can have your own choice to modify elevators as per your requirements.

Our features of hospital elevators:

  • Emergency control features
  • High load balancing
  • Durable and Spacious

Goods Elevators

We UTS Lifts provide you accurate leveling and flexible elevators. Our provided Goods elevators are sturdy and durable goods elevators in the market. We provide multiple folded cabin door structure is employed to reach the max width, which facilate the entry of large cargos.

We can provide the exact size and features as per requirement. These elevators are flexible for your needs. Goods Elevators are designed to ensure tough load. Goods elevators have a capacity of 500 to 5000kgs. We have distinctive collection of Goods Elevators.

We establish new standards for goods elevators performance , reliability and design flexibility. We combines latest drive control, intellegent modular system design and modern aesthetics. We offer finely range of Goods Elevators and Goods lifts.

These elevators are best for moving material from one place to another. These elevators are made with ISO Standards. These Elevators are more efficient and more effective to reduce pressure on personel. The capacity of goods elevators are 0.5 tons to 10 tons. These Goods Elevators are made up of high quality of steel. These elevators are most strong and durable.

MRL Elevators

We UTS Lifts are the best supplier and trader of MRL Elevators. Our product ranges to comprises of Automatic Elevators, Capsule Elevators and hydraulic Elevators. With the best assistance of skilled team, we are well-known MRL Elevators trader. We UTS MRL Elevators are providing wide range of high quality MRL Elevators. We us assured components and advance modern techniques to reduce need of maintinance.


  • Smooth performance
  • Rugged construction
  • Aesthetic look

We provide MRL Elevators for all sectors. Our provided MRL Elevators are widely used in multiplexes, hospitals, commercial buildings and shopping malls that also enhance the look of buildings. We provide best performance and high quality of MRL Elevators. We have well-organised control system, sturdy construction and high speed MRL Elevators at market-leading prices.

UTS Lifts are an expert in providing MRL Elevators and related services. These elevators have a capacity of 6 to 20 passengers.

Automobile Elevators

These Automobile Elevators are specially designed for vertical transportation of automobiles and loaded vehicles. Automobile Elevators are useful and designed for service stations, showrooms, complexes, garages and apartments. These Automobile Elevators are specially for tough duties.

Automobile Elevators are provided by UTS Lifts have a capacity of 3000 to 5000kgs. Car Elevators and Car Lifts are known by the name of Automobile Elevators. These Automobile Elevators are widely used in car lifting in manufacturing units. We are offering automobile Elevators. These elevators are used in commercial establishment.

These Automobile elevators are manufactured using best quality steel sheets, copper, brass rubber and alloys. These automoble elevators are mainly used for high loading capacity.

These are used for multi-level parking facilities.

Optional Cabin Design

We UTS Lifts are also provide optional Cabin Design. We are recognise manufacturer of optional cabin design.

We offer half round glass with stainless steel hair line finishing car, three side glass with powder coated cars and one side glass with stainless steel hair line finishing car. We used all certified items utilize for every project taken. We have used most advance tools and procedures to provide best quality Optional cabin design. We complete each task on time. Our Optional cabin design are fine finish, unique and smooth surface.

We provide different types of Cabin Design for various purpose:

  • Mirror finishing
  • Gold Finishing
  • Hairline Finishing
  • Powder Coated and glass finishing

Doors Option Design

We UTS Lifts are one of the most trusted organization engaged in manufacturing and supplying door option design for Elevators. Our products are available in different specifications like design and dimension. We provide various variety of durable interior materials.

Auto Door

  • The auto doors are mainly exist for stores and office buildings.
  • Auto Doors are also named an Elevator.
  • These elevators are use two different sets of doors: doors on cabin and into elevator shafts.
  • The doors are operated electrically, which is operated by elevator computer.

Manual Door

  • It is one of the most important and useful machine in modern area.
  • With a huge network we bring high quality manual door passenger lift.
  • These Manual Doors are mainly used for carrying the passenger in low and medium rises.


Commercial Escalators

Commercial Escalators specially designed for "moving stairs" where the tread moves on a track at an incline or decline to transport people from one floor to another. Escalators may not be used as a means of egress. The typical speed of an escalator is 100 feet per minute.

Escalator Width

  • 24 inch wide escalators accommodate a single person without room for any extra items or people. These are generally used in low traffic areas or where space is tight.
  • 32 inch wide escalators accommodate a single person and a suitcase or package. These are used at moderate traffic areas.
  • 40 inch wide escalators accommodate two people side-by-side and allow a person to pass a stationary person. These are recommended for high traffic applications.

Heavy Duty Escalators

Integrated Structure Energy-saving Heavy Duty Escalator Lifts for Subway Station or Similar Condition series public transport heavy duty escalator, support 30degree inclined angle. It has safety glass balustrade and this can save many space. It is very popular for indoor condition in current market. By detecting passengers flow and automatically adjusting the speed curve.


  • Eco-Friendly & Energy-Saving & Noiseless
  • Stability & Safety
  • Perfect Technology
  • Smooth & Flexible & Durable
  • Easy to Maintain
  • For Airports, Shopping Malls and Large Municipal Projects

Moving Walkways Escalators

Moving Walks incorporate a variety of safety features, many of which are the same. The features are designed to encourage proper ridership and prevent the very rare situations which involve an object being caught in the escalator. Other features detect such situations, or sense if a component of the escalator is outside of its normal position. When a sensor detects one of these situations, it triggers an automatic shutdown of the escalator.


  • Handrail motion detector, which senses if the handrail movement is out of sync with the step movement
  • Step integrity monitor, which detects broken, damaged or misaligned steps
  • Missing step monitor, which senses if the escalator is operating with any steps missing
  • Combplate detectors, which are activated by unusual movement of the stationary plates at either end of the escalator
  • Step level monitor, which checks to see that the steps are level as they enter the ends of the escalator.
  • Skirt switches, designed to sense any entrapment between the step and skirt as the step approaches the comb plate area.