About Us

Welcome To UTS Lifts

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UTS Lifts is a leading associates providing you high quality industrial lift, Goods Lift and Industrial elevators. UTS Lifts has developed its strong network within few time. We have business of manufacturing different type of Elevator controller/Panels. From the last few years we UTS Lifts known for his passion for innovation, quality and Service.

We are commited to meet quality standards and as result. We UTS Lifts are leading companies for their products. We believe in results.
We are most reliable elevator companies providing you elevator and escalator products and companies. We use most advance mechanic process and techniques to provide customer satisfaction which helps us to scale new heights of success in field of elevator and escalator services.

Main Purpose & responsibilities

Our policies to ensure reliable, fit, and safe services related to all types of elevators service. Our aim is to provide best services to our clients. Our services are responsible for policies under their control. Our responsibilities of elevator service to resolve all issues of our clients. In addition UTS Lifts will be looking at purpose, vision and their responsibility.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Rightness
  • Reliability
  • Customer Service

Our Satisfied Services are:

We design high quality of elevators, safety reliable system and high performance to meet customers expectations. We comitted to deliver satisfied services at anytime, anywhere.

  • Manual Passenger Elevators.
  • Auto door passenger elevators.
  • Hospital elevators.
  • Goods elevators.
  • MRL Elevators.
  • Automobile Elevators.
  • Optional Cabin Design.
  • Doors Option Design.


Manual Passenger Elevators

UTS Lifts provides you Manual Passenger Elevators for all sectors. We provide Passenger Elevators for commercial and residential buildings.

Auto door Passenger Elevators

UTS Lifts provide auto door elevators for all commercial buildings, residential buildings, hotels and all sectors.

Optional Cabin Design

UTS Lifts are also provide optional Cabin Design. We are recognise manufacturer of optional cabin design.

Heavy Duty Escalators

We provide high-traffic public utilities, specially designed Glide Mass Transit escalators are suited for continuous large crowds, indoor or outdoor.

Hospital Elevators

UTS Lifts are well known industry in field of elevators and escalator services. We scale a new heights of success in field of elevator and escalator services.

Goods Elevators

We provide you accurate flexible elevators. Our provided Goods elevators are sturdy and durable goods elevators in the market.

Doors Option Design

UTS Lifts are one of the most trusted organization engaged in manufacturing and supplying door option design for Elevators.

Moving Walkways Escalators

We Provide high-traffic public utilities, specially designed Glide Moving Walks come with selectable pallet widths which add business appeal.

MRL Elevators

UTS Lifts are the best supplier and trader of MRL Elevators. Our product ranges to comprises of Automatic Elevators, Capsule Elevators and hydraulic Elevators.

Automobile Elevators

These Automobile Elevators are specially designed for vertical transportation of automobiles and loaded vehicles.

Commercial Escalators

UTS Lifts provide best designed and built for safety, reliability, comfort and quiet operation etc.

Travelator Escalators

UTS Lifts provide high-traffic public utilities, specially designed Glide Moving Walks.